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Runes of Magic Advanced Quest Book Addon


Be sure you Enable Quest Dumper in the AQB Config Panel if you want to contribute quest data, otherwise there will be no useful data for me to add to the database! I have had tons of submissions only to have them thrown away by my parser due to the submitted SaveVariables.lua containing no data as a result from Quest Dumper being disabled!

Advanced Questbook is a work in progress (WIP). While I am working hard to make it an excellent addition to anyone's addon collection please understand that it is not perfect and not complete. Please do not down rate it based on it being a WIP currently and only in beta!

If you do not have AddonManager, use /aqb ingame to open the addon panel or use the provided button ingame.

Want to help Advanced Questbook?
- You can help a great deal by running the addon with the option for Advanced Quest Dumper enabled. After you are done playing and have exited the game completely you can visit to submit your SaveVariables.lua. (English clients only)
- Running the addon and submitting bug reports and/or feature requests on the Ticket System
- Let others know about this addon so they may enjoy the features it has.
- Donating of course will help the project as it helps motivate me to work harder, of course I will be working hard to make this an excellent addon even without donations but they are welcomed very much!