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Runes of Magic Healbot Addon


Healbot is a party interface that is optimized for healing and has buttons to cast spells on each person in the party. Healbot will never autocast.Working on some new skins and other features. If anyone knows the logic for curse/decursing skills feel free to share it with me. A note to new addon programmers: Do not use this code as an example -- sometimes I'm surprised that it even works XD


Answers to common questions:

Q>Why does Healbot move around all crazy-like when I resize it?
A>The StartMoving Widget method doesn't like it when a window has a different scale as the UI. Thats how it is for now, sorry.

Q>%^$#&$%! ?
A>This addon will never work for World of Warcraft!

Q>Why is the regular party interface still there?
A>Because I still haven't added any of the curse/poison/etc. icons. Try the addon partyhide


/healbot help command list
/healbot bigger

/healbot smaller
--self explanatory
/healbot reset - resets the position of Healbot

/healbot toggle will hide or show healbot
/healbot tr25 tr50 tr75 tr100
-Transparency commands

hold-shift and:
-every healbar is separately movable
-an 'x'-button appears to hide party members individually
-an 'r'-button appears to reset the group
-shift-MouseOver Players/NPCs to target them