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Runes of Magic ntBuff Addon


tBuff is an updated version of the older addon nBuff created by Noktrin, and nuBuff by Roukard. ntBuff is an addon that automatically checks your buffs, health and mana. The player's action such as mouse movement or key stroke triggers the addon to cast buffs, cast heals, use potions or even start macros, according to your configuration and your current status. The addon will keep track if you are in combat, casting, mounted, or in your house. You can fully configure up to 17 hp potions and 29 mana potions, as well as 12 self-buffs to keep up, when to cast your healing spells, when to use an hp potion, and when to use a mana potion. ntBuff is fully compatible with the latest clients. Auto-buff mode can be automatically inactivated while in party. ntBuff supports AddonManager, and can support multiple languages. Currently, it supports EN, JP, DE, ES, TW and RU. Collaborators for translating into other languages are welcome.

Trigger Configuration

Mouse movement

Simply moving mouse in the window can be used as the trigger. Click or holding down the mouse button already has functions, so only movement without mouse button manipulation is used as the trigger. The sensitivity number means the minimal distance to fire the trigger. If you make it too sensitive, your right clicking or the mouse dragging with the right button down could be ignored by the client. The response time of the addon language is not very high, so that too rapid mouse movement might not be recognized as the triggering cue.

Character movement

Your character's movement or the stop of the movement, such as pushing down W key or releasing W key (default), is used as the trigger. Move forward/backward/right/left, turn right/left and jump are used as the trigger, as well as target nearest enemy/friend and sheath/show w