MMO Addons

Runes of Magic pbInfo Addon


pbInfo offers multiple features to ease your daily Runes of Magic life. This add-on shows a tooltip with several information about the mob, player or NPC you are hovering, a tooltip with information about gathering materials and it modifies the target blood bars to show a mob's real healthpoints.

  • ThreatMeter
    • shows six players with the highest threat (aggro)
    • fades from green to red (low to high)
    • your own name is colored yellow
    • movable/lockable
    • title can be hidden
    • you can click through the window
    • settable update interval (from 0.5sec to 1.0sec)
    • ... (see screenshots)
  • QuestTracker
    • shows all the quests checked in the quest book - but nicer than the integrated tracker =)
    • highlights daily quests
    • movable via shift+right click on the title
    • minimizes/maximizes when left-clicking on the title
    • title can be hidden
    • custom font sizes
    • Tooltip showing some more information about a quest
    • Left click opens a quest in the quest book
    • Shift+Left click to put a quest's name into chat
    • Control+Left click opens the world map showing a clickable icon at the position of the quest reward NPC
  • Tooltip with information about the mouseovered mob, NPC or player
    • Class and Level, highlighted in the respective color
    • HP fading from green to red, based on target's healthpoint ratio
    • Mana, Rage, Energy, Focus (if available)
    • the target's target, if available
    • the player's title, if available