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Runes of Magic TonkManager Addon


This plugin manages event times of the Dalanis events (Tonk, Fendus, ...) and the Southern/Northern Janost Forest Events (Misty Grove, Ruins of Bymorsh, Sley Farm). When you take part at an event it will automatically calculate the next time, the event will happen. Additionally the user can specify the event times manually. Bugged events can be specified too. This has to be possible, since the events fail usually one after another during the days after a server restart. When an event fails it won't recover until the server is restarted.

The addon supports multiple timezones on one server. To activate this, specify the timezone in which you want to broadcast using the dropdown in the main window.

Additionally the synchronization using a hidden chat channel is supported. Every few minutes your addon will publish your times to the channel and all other players who use this addon automatically load your times if they are more detailed than their own. To avoid chat flooding your own broadcast will only be done if the last broadcast was less detailed than yours (ie.: if you took part at an event, that the broadcaster has not up-to-date times yet.) This way usually only one message every few minutes will be sent overall. Warning: when you log on it may take about 5 minutes until you get the correct times.

The addon has a small window, that displays the next 3 events and the time until those occur. Double-clicking this window will send the next event info to the group chat.