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Runes of Magic XBar III Addon


This AddOn is based on XBar II, more informations about the functions are available on TOOLTIPS !!! XBar only add 1 small frame to your Interface that can be changed or hide if you dont like it. The configuration include a lot of possibilities to hide and move frames (minimap, chat, buffs, ...) All functions are available by menu or button. You can send language file to us we will add it.

  • These features are not in XBar or XBarII.
  • Additional function in XBar III:
    RemoveSpellEffects ON/OFF
    Turn RemoveSpellEffects ON or OFF, if you have installed RemoveSpellEffects.
    The feature have deleted since 3.0.3.
  • You can use following command in macro:
    /run switch101() - Switch weapons to other equipt.
    /run healgrp() - Target and heal people whose hp is lowest.
    /run strip() - Unequipt all items to 2nd bag or equipt all items.
    /run switch1() - Switch equiptment 1/2.
    /run previewit() - Target item preview.
    /run Pswitch1() - call/recall your pet in slot 1.
    /run Pswitch2() - call/recall your pet in slot 2.
    /run Pswitch3() - call/recall your pet in slot 3.
    /run HiCaBa() - hide Casting Bar (will show at next time you load game).
    Transparent Map
    You can set the transparency of Large Map by XBarIII. Image.
    The icons will not become transparent with Large Map, so you can find all icons on the Large Map in distinct.
    Ask you whether equip item or not.
    Use /xb rcc to toggle this.