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Runes of Magic yGather Gatherers Map Addon


yGather - Gatherers Map is a resource stack mapper. It records resource stack locations as you walk by and shows them on the worldmap.Like with any other addon unzip in your RunesOfMagic program folder (not the one in your user directory) into the directory Interface/Addons.


  • records resource stack locations and shows them on worldmap
  • shows previously recorded resource stacks on minimap if the resource is currently unavailable
  • configurable icon shape, size, color and transparency for worldmap and minimap
  • filter options
  • highlight selected resources on minimap
  • (WoWMap compatible - not a real feature, but people seem to be interested in the fact)


  • if you have the AddonManager addon just click the yGather icon
  • type /yGather or /ygather in the chat
  • use the Resource button in the upper left corner of the worldmap